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Working together to reduce plastic, raise awareness & support sustainability projects.

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Wayaka trees in recycled plastic pots

My Bonaire Tree

Partnership with ECHO Bonaire

NOBO collaborated with Echo Bonaire to  support their My Bonaire Tree program. Echo's reforestation goal is to plant more local trees on Bonaire. Each small tree comes in a recycled plastic NOBO flowerpot and 50% of all proceeds go to Echo.

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The Donature Tag

Partnership with Reef Renewal Bonaire

NOBO developed a concept for sustainable financing called the Donature Tag. Our first partner was Reef Renewal Foundation Bonaire, & we produced this fundraising keychain/BCD tag for project supporters to proudly display.

Reef Renewal Bonaire NOBO Donature Tag
Collaborations: Our Mission
NOBO recycled plastic phone holder keychains

Saba Plastic Awareness

Partnership with WWF-NL

WWF sponsored Bonaire's sister island of Saba with a 1,000 NOBO recycled plastic phone holders. The phone holders were distributed to inhabitants to create more awareness. Saba announced legislation for a phased implementation of a single use plastics ban in August 2020 & is also working on an initiative for plastic recycling.

Collaborations: Our Mission

The DoNature Tag

Partnership with Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire

The Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire cares for sick, injured or orphaned donkeys. Supporters can help to fund the sanctuary with the purchase of a DoNature Tag.

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Sea & Learn on Saba 2021

Recycled gifts for field project volunteers

The entire month of October is dedicated to Sea & Learn on Saba, to enhance environmental awareness. They chose NOBO to produce custom recycled gifts of coasters and flower pots to reward volunteers who participate in field projects.

Collaborations: Our Mission

The DoNature Tag

Partnership with Animal Shelter Bonaire

The Animal Shelter Bonaire is a refuge for dogs and cats that can no longer be cared for by their owners, have been abandoned, or were born in the wild and brought to us by concerned citizens and tourists.. Supporters can help to fund the shelter with the purchase of a DoNature Tag.

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echo tag.jpg

The DoNature Tag

Partnership with ECHO Bonaire

Echo Bonaire plants, protects and grows the future for parrots and people. Help them with your purchase of a DoNature tag to restore the endangered dry forest habitat and secure natural biodiversity on Bonaire through :
– nature conservation
– awareness building
– monitoring programs

Collaborations: Our Mission

The DoNature Tag

Partnership with Roffa Reefs

Roffa Reefs are working to map the DNA of fish eggs, to determine which fish egg grows into what fish. Fish have a vital role in the coral reef ecosystem and its recovery, because they eat the algae that can overgrow corals. Support this vital work! Tags are available for purchase at Dive Friends Retail and Dive Friends @ Sand Dollar

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limpi post.jpg

Inter-island collaboration

Limpi & NOBO

Limpi Recycling Curaçao and NOBO Bonaire will join forces in the battle to reduce plastic in the Caribbean. NOBO will start selling the iconic recycled plastic keychains that were developed by Limpi Recycling on Bonaire. 

Limpi and NOBO have had a good working relationship since 2019, when Limpi founders, Debrah and Mitchell, came to Bonaire for a plastic recycling Workshop. Limpi also manufactures the moulds for the Donature tag that was developed by NOBO and Deviate Design.

By working together Limpi and NOBO aspire to raise more awareness for plastic pollution and plastic reduction. Limpi and NOBO are hoping that the Limpi-NOBO alliance will inspire more inter-island collaboration. Solving the plastic problem is relevant to all islands in the Caribbean and can only be achieved through a joint effort.

Collaborations: Our Mission

Our next project...

Partnership with your organization?

The NOBO team is ready to collaborate with your organization to create a one of a kind, custom recycled product for you. Please get in touch to explore the possibilities.

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Collaborations: Our Mission
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