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This attractive coaster will be the conversation piece of your coffee table. Cleverly designed by Limpi Curacao, the coaster's edge protects surfaces from dripping condensation & features the logo of Beyond Plastic Bonaire.

Molded one at a time in our hand-press, every one is one-of-a-kind!

Creations: Our Story

Phone Holder Key Chain

With a NOBO key chain in your pocket, you can watch videos on your phone hands-free anytime, anywhere. Just pop your phone into the notch of the key chain & your phone will be supported at a convenient angle.

NOBO key chain phone holder
Creations: Our Mission
tree 5.jpg


This small flowerpot is perfect for a desk or counter-top. Available with an endemic plant as part of our collaboration with Echo, or empty so that it can be easily transported home & filled with a succulent plant or herb.

Molded one at a time in our hand-press, every one is one-of-a-kind!

Creations: Our Mission

Marine Litter Bottle Opener

Each one is unique & has a number stamped into the top. Click here to see what yours is made from!

We're super proud to offer something that is made of beach plastic! Harvested from the coastline of Bonaire & crafted into an easy to use, one-of-a-kind conversation piece. Even the handle is made from dolly rope, a common beach litter item from the fishing industry.

Recycled marine litter bottle opener
Creations: Our Mission
donature tags.jpg

The DoNature Tag

The Bonaire DoNature Tag is a NOBO collaboration with several NGOs around the island. These adorable keychains combine both fundraising for worthwhile projects AND plastic reduction. To purchase a recycled plastic DoNature Tag, please visit a Reef Renewal Bonaire partner dive center, Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire, Animal Shelter Bonaire, Echo Bonaire, RoffaReefs/Dive Friends and show your support! The coolest Bonaire nature lovers collect them all!

Creations: Our Mission
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