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2016: Boneiru Duradero (a local World Wide Fund for Nature funded organization) teamed up with Plastic Soup Foundation & waste management company Selibon for a project called Trash to Cash.  WWF invested in plastic recycling machines developed by Dutch designer Dave Hakkens of Precious Plastic

The machines were designed for small-scale recycling projects & include a shredder, injection mold, extruder, and oven.

2019: NOBO was born. The recycling machines were moved to a practical workspace that was generously made available by Sign Studio.

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NOBO brings new life to used plastic & strives to do so in a purposeful way.

All of our products are carefully conceived & designed. They must either be a functional, useful item or serve an awareness raising purpose.  

By working within the community of Bonaire, we:

  • support a circular economy

  • raise awareness regarding plastic reduction & separation

  • collaborate with other sustainable projects to raise awareness & funds

A Plastic Free Bonaire is our goal, and recycling is one of the strategies needed to achieve this aim. But it's not the only one. We can all take steps to reduce our single use plastic footprint. Learn more here.

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Marine litter

NOBO Bonaire first started with a conversation about how to reduce beach plastic. RECYCLING is one of the key strategies to prevent marine litter, in addition to REFUSE, REDUCE & REUSE.

Marine litter is the scourge of our seas and monitoring results show that over 90% of what washes ashore on the windward coastline of Bonaire is composed of plastic.

We quickly learned that recycling beach plastic is easier said than done.... But we're proud to say that one of our creations is made from 100% marine plastic collected from our shores!

About: Our Story
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